I screwed up and I was in hiding, much like Adam was. I know that you never made that deal with me. Time heals a lot of things except for the sins that we commit, but silly me thinks that, if I have time on my side, then eventually GOD will forget my sin, just as I will eventually…

But the deal still stands right!!!! The deal was never about my faithfulness or cleanliness because I can never be that!!!!!. So then why do I bother to hide…. when I know that I can never cover up anything before him. Because time stands still before him. everything is always ever-present.

my ugliness and my shame are ever before him… but his love covers them all… so much so that, I don’t recognize it myself.  My GOD is a faithful GOD. I will never be able to repay him…. but he loves me anyway.

Now I know what it means to be tired of sin…not because it is eating me from the inside out, but much more than that, I miss looking at his face. Looking at his face makes me to forget about everything else…. so please don’t ever let me walk away.




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