I screwed up and I was in hiding, much like Adam was. I know that you never made that deal with me. Time heals a lot of things except for the sins that we commit, but silly me thinks that, if I have time on my side, then eventually GOD will forget my sin, just as I will eventually…

But  the deal still stands right!!!! The deal was never about my faithfulness or cleanliness, because I can never be that!!!!!. So then why do I bother to hide…. when I know that I can never cover up anything before him. Because, time stands still before him. everything is always ever present.

my ugliness and my shame is ever before him… but his love covers them all… so much so that, I don’t recognize it myself.  My GOD is a faithful GOD. I will never be able to repay him…. but he loves me anyway.

Now I know what it means to be tired of sin…not because it is eating me from the inside out, but much more than that, I miss looking at his face. Looking at his face makes me to forget about everything else…. so please don’t  ever let me walk away.




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