Autogynephilia, anyone?

This is going to come across as really weird. I had a fetish of being married to a hot wife for a long time.That eventually morphed into something else. Now my fetish is to imagine myself as that woman who is making out with a man.
It’s weird because I am not really thinking about a man having sex with me. He just happens to be an occupational hazard. I am getting of thinking about the pleasure that the women derives. I also get off when I imagine myself as a women who is also a cuckoldress..


UPDATE: I once swiped a female co-workers images and went around online pretending that I was her. She was a really beautiful  woman. It was so much fun going around teasing guys pretending to be her. It didn’t last, because I was overrun with guilt  + I was running out of pics to weave new stories… she was a great proxy though.  I have moved on, but the thought of it sends waves of guilt down my spine… I hope that nothing bad came out of my actions. She is happily married with a kid now.


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