The naked truth

when I was young I had a weird obsession of imagining naked women. But that just sounds normal…right???

I was in first or maybe second grade. I am not sure. But I remember vividly. It was my class teacher. The weird and scary part was… I didn’t just imagine her naked, she was a corpse and she was hanging on a noose. I preferred to imagine that she was hanging in front of me.  I am sure there were some elements of sexuality involved… but I was too young to  really quantify it.

When I was in fifth grade, I used to get hard by hurting ants. Pulling their legs apart, drowning them etc.

On the face of it, I must be a classic case of a deranged and psychotic person, but I turned out to be a normal person.  No body has been hurt yet, and I am not planning to hurt anyone either.

It bothers me that I had such thoughts to start with.


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