what does death smell like?

So as a kid, I was always afraid to express myself, because I always found myself watching me from a distance. The problem is I always do that. I like to watch people make expressions – laughing, crying, angry, jealous, full of pride, showing off etc. I watch people because I  always wonder what makes us tick different from animals.

Animals  cry when they are in pain, they sleep when they are tired, most pets mimic human emotions to an extend.  they can even be creative… building nests, mimicking others etc. So I wonder what makes us special, and it is that same wonder that forces me observe human beings, just like you would observe an animal. I like to watch them hoard money or material things, eating or gorging themselves, some green with jealousy, others puffed up with pride over their status…

It makes me wonder…. because unlike animals we have a  conscience. Animals don’t, they are like automatons. They are programmed to behave the way they are ( one of these days you won’t be able to tell the difference between animals and robots. One day robots may have rights, because we will have a hard time defining what consciousness means). So am I advocating that we don’t need to care for their well-being?  On the contrary, it is our duty to safeguard them from extinction, because as more of them die we are edging closer towards our own extinction.

I got side tracked. I watch human beings that are fully aware that they are here only for a moment but do things that are contrary to that knowledge. We have seen again and again over the centuries how cultures die, kingdoms vanish, how names get erased from history books. Yet we talk about our fathers and our great fathers.  We talk about the grandeur of our families or our culture. but in the grand scale of the cosmos, we are nothing but a flicker.

So why do we do the things that we do. Why do we still stand tall and express ourselves like we are here to stay, like the world belongs to us, when all we are, are mud and vapor.

I see people and  I see right through them. Their skin peeling, maggots crawling over their bodies, and then smaller worms eating the maggots. Eventually all that will be left of us is putrid stench and a few bones.







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