Loyalty vs. Indifference

I have to ask myself, would you consider your spouse to be loyal to you when they give a testimony about you that could go either way. Let me give you an example, say you got drunk one day with some long lost friends whom you happened to meet after many many years. When some one asks your spouse if you were an alcoholic and spouse responds with an “I don’t know”. What does it say to the third person? Are we even having a relationship?

Or say randomly when you are in a stiff about something, your spouse says “The last 15 years of my life has been wasted” ( and we have been married e . Does that person have any loyalty left in the relationship?

I want to believe that my spouse loves me, but when I hear words being spoken in such a callous and careless manner with out even so much as a thought? I wonder if that person even loves me. I guess it must be a marriage of convenience!

I put on a brave face… and not let my sadness show.


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