Sibling F***er

“Throughout my teen years, I had sex with my sister and even more with my brother. It started with my sister in our early teens. Only mutual oral and hand jobs. Went on for about two years, maybe once or twice a month. I started getting scared that we would eventually fuck, get pregnant with a deformed baby, so I decided to end it. Then my brother and I started up. Just oral eventually turned into full blown, unprotected, cum-into-each-other’s-asses butt fucking. At least once a week for four years until I went to college. Today, we are in our thirties, and in monogamous marriages. I am a city councilman and an active member of the LDS church. If anyone ever knew this, it would undo everything I have achieved in my adult life.”

But I don’t feel guilty about it… neither do I think about it anymore. It doesn’t bother me but I just had to get it off my chest.


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