Completely ruined a girls life

My first marriage was a complete sham. I professed love for  a girl who was a green card holder.  Our folks knew each other and everyone thought it was a great alliance. In my heart I knew that I didn’t really care for her although she was really pretty  by the worlds standards. Buxom, fair and very well mannered and to boot from an aristocratic family.  Did I forget to say that she was beautiful.

Because I was after something more than her beauty, I was never able to connect with her, even when I tried. It was awkward from the start. Even she knew it, but she must have let it slide. We never even consummated the marriage. I always found an excuse to put it off. After the so called honeymoon she had to go back to America.

She applied for  my visa and before long I joined her in US. We didn’t last 6 months into the marriage before the gig was up. It was horrible. I got what I wanted in the end at the expense of a persons life.

We divorced eventually.

Shame on me……. Shame on me….. I should never be forgiven for this…


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