I am Addicted to pron

I cant even say it straight, because I am too embarrassed.  Truth is I am OK to admit openly to anyone that I am  pron addict, but it gets worse. Its the worst kind of porn, I am addicted to cuckold pornography. Its demeaning and vindictive.  I try to stop all the time, but the more I try, the worse it gets. I can spend hours, sometimes a whole day, just lusting  after women  or reading demeaning and humiliating stories.

I am a father of two beautiful children and I have a beautiful wife , but it’s not enough for me.  Sometimes I am even willing to throw it all away for  absurd  relationships.  Most people wont even understand what I am talking about and will most likely think that I am crazy.

So here I am pouring my heart to the world. Maybe there is a GOD out there who can help me. If he is around, I hope he can find me. Because this is literally eating from the inside. I feel worthless and stupid. Ever so often, I think about ending it. But I think I am too much of a wimp to get through with it (the irony of it!)

So help me GOD … … …



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