I Fed My Boyfriend and His Friends Dog Food

[No Regrets] I was in high school, it was the late 80s. I was emancipated already, so I had my own apartment. I also had pay channels because the landlord had a package deal that included my TV. A guy started really hitting on me, whom I really rather liked. It didn't dawn on me … Continue reading I Fed My Boyfriend and His Friends Dog Food

Your hot baby sitter

“The story I tell is that my first kiss was nine years ago, when I was fourteen, with my now fiancee. False. When I was thirteen, I babysat an eight year old boy. His parents were very open, and he was very sexually aware (I caught him watching porn a couple of times). From the … Continue reading Your hot baby sitter

Popular Funeral Bitch

Showing sympathy for a dead person was my thing. When I was young, I used to shed copious amounts of tears at funerals. Somehow it made me look like some one who really cared  and of course it made me popular with the gentry. Now that I am much older I see the fallacy  and … Continue reading Popular Funeral Bitch

Completely ruined a girls life

My first marriage was a complete sham. I professed love for  a girl who was a green card holder.  Our folks knew each other and everyone thought it was a great alliance. In my heart I knew that I didn't really care for her although she was really pretty  by the worlds standards. Buxom, fair … Continue reading Completely ruined a girls life