Hannah – The angel of justice

Drake slipped inside the door quietly, after having seen the last yoga class student leave a few minutes before. Inside, he knew that his dear friend would be alone, wrapping up after teaching a hot yoga class. He had met her many times after she was done there, to go out to a club or... Continue Reading →


Chapter 1: She's a Complete Cock-Sucker Leslie sat at the back of the class, watching as Mark got screamed at by the teacher. She focused on this more intently than any of the other students because, though she hated to admit it, she found his abrasive and often aggressive nature very attractive. They were teenagers,... Continue Reading →


I’ve been in a relationship with Chelsea for about 3 years now. She was incredibly loving, affectionate and great in the bedroom. Even though I have never made her cum, she said she really enjoyed our sex and didn't feel the need to cum. At first, I felt insecure that she never orgasmed with me... Continue Reading →

Black Dominated Family

Luke Powers awoke in the former bedroom of Chuck andWendy Whitebread. It had been a year since he'd firsttaken domain over the house and its occupants. * * One Year Ago * * * Friday, September 5, 2008 Chapter 1: WENDY, THE WIFE Luke had scoped out the house for about a week. He hadseen... Continue Reading →

Bob Cocker

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults. Itcontains themes and situations that are not suitablefor those not considered adults in their communities.It also contains naughty words. All characters inthis story are intended to be portrayed as adultsand therefore legally entitled to perform the strange,disgusting, and often downright immoral acts theyare described as doing. The following... Continue Reading →

Sister’s Misters

Jennifer was 22-years-old and had recently experienced several milestone events in her life. She graduated from state college with a BS in Education and got a job as a teacher at a school about 150 miles from her childhood home where she'd lived with her younger sister, 18-year-old Chelsea, and her mom and dad. With... Continue Reading →


This is a four-part white woman, black man cuckolding novel. It is written based on fantasy sexual scenarios. Some characters are written as stereotypes in order to advance this fantasy. The cuckold character behaves weakly and doesn't stand up for himself. The black bull characters behave aggressively, and are not written as living human beings... Continue Reading →

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